Get up to €600 in compensation in less than 3 minutes!!

If you have had a flight delay within the last 3 years.

How far are you?

Where did you depart from?

Where was your final destination?

How simple it is Follow these 3 simple steps:

Step 1

1. Calculate your compensation easily

Calculate your compensation in less than 3 minutes completly free of charge.

Step 2

2. We claim your compensation

We claim your rightful compensation and ensure you will get the highest amount possible.

Step 3

3. We transfer the compensation directly to your account

You use your compensation on better things in life, which are more fun than waiting.

Leave the difficult battle with the airline to us. It takes less than 3 minutes to start your case and it will save you hours of trouble and stress. Our employees are specialized in compensation rights and we are just waiting to help you.

Why use Dansk Rejsehjælp?

No win, no fee

If we fail to collect your compensation we don't get our fee and our service does not cost a cent. We call this "no win, no fee".

Great customer satisfaction

If our customers are happy, we are happy. Therefore, we are very proud to say that we win over 90% of our cases.

High payout and full compensation

We not only take care of your flight compensation, but also your expenses for food and drink, hotel and transportation. Our average payout per claim exceeds €470

Polite and free customer service

Our competent employees are only waiting to help you. You can always call and get help with your case.

Our customers say: For Dansk Rejsehjælp it is important to have the most satisfied customers. This means that we have done our job well.

About our service

How does it work?

Once your complaint has been created in our system, we will immediately start working on your case. Once the case is ready, we will send the claim to the operating airline. Then our competent case handlers and partners treat your legal relationship and get your money recovered. Once the case is won we will pay the compensation directly to your account.

How much am I entitled to?

The size of your compensation depends on your journey. EU Regulation EC 261/04 states that events covered by the following regulation are entitled to up to € 600. In addition, costs that are a direct consequence of the delay may also be refunded. Therefore, we recommend saving your receipts.

When does the law apply?

EU Regulation EC 261/04 applies in the European airspace on delays that are greater than 3 hours and your departure airport is located in the EU or if you are traveling with an European airline and airport of arrival is within the EU.

What does it cost?

Dansk Rejsehjælp's fee is 25% + VAT of the compensated amount. We operate according to the principle: "no win, no fee". Which means that if the case is not won, we won't get our fee. In addition, we pay all expenses such as legal fees. In other words, it is completely free if your case is not won.

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About Dansk Rejsehjælp

For Dansk Rejsehjælp we come to work every day to help with a biggest problems in air traffic.
Far from all consumers know their rights when it comes to delays or cancellations in the European airspace. Therefore, our employees and partners has specialised themselves in the law associated with EU Regulation EC 261/2004. We have dedicated our time to ensure that our customers get the highest amount of compensation for their lost time.

We handle your case on your behalf as the airlines in most cases are not willing to payout compensation. This way you are sure that you are in the best hands. Our high number of won cases and satisfied customers speak for themselves.

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